But post-it notes and scraps of paper trail behind her,
and TO DO lists with nothing crossed off.

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 It’s a simple business plan, with only one flaw: chocolate's necessary for the writing part. So send me some. Now. I'll pay you back, maybe name a hero after you. Unless it's dark chocolate, which will cast you as the villain. That can also be fun.

 Caffeine’s needed, too, plus clumsy affirmation from my staff. They're where I get my best material, once I change names, genders, species and criminal backgrounds. (Watch out for my security team - ankle biters and bad guys in two of my stories.)

Check out my work to see what I do when I have all three. (Especially if you're a publisher.) Look at my blog too: Words of wisdom culled from spectacular mistake-making, it may save your life!
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Read what critics are saying about my latest work:
"A triumph!" - Tom Johnson
"A comedic tour de force!"
- Pope Francis
" Intimidating!" - Henry Kissinger
"Wait a second - aren't I dead?"
- Mark Twain